Female Weapon: High-Intensity Women's Self-Defence Course

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Why do women need self-defence?

You are a woman, You are honour, You do not allow anyone put their hands on you without paying a price. If this isn't your mentality right now, You are a victim waiting to happen! 7 in 10 women in the UK are violently abused and sexually assaulted by someone close. Also, with the current COVID situation, many women are stuck and trapped at home with abusive partners and relatives, the number of female victims is on the rise right now and not much is being done about it. Liverpool UK, 2020, Alexandra Reid took her own life, only days after she made a statement to police about the physical, mental and financial abuse her partner subjected her to. Currently, domestic abuse victims are dropping charges against violent ex-partners after growing frustrated by court delays caused by the pandemic. At the moment, women are going missing and turning up dead. It is not getting easier and there's only so  much the law and governent can do.

Read the news, see for yourself. You need to take back control of Your life, Your confidence, and Your dignity. If You don't want to be a victim, then this course is for You.

Students Testimonials

"After only 2 classes I was able to floor a man last night that didn't understand the word STOP! Gave him warnings as you showed me in but he wouldn't give up. So I embarrassed him. I can't get enough of these classes. Thank you!". Danielle

"My daughter joined this class only a few weeks ago with no confidence or skills to defend herself... After only a few lessons she was able to defend herself using the principles and skills she has been taught. So glad she started these classes and I hope she carries on enjoying learning life skills as much as she is now". Donna

"I highly recommend OG Academy. Manny is very focused, enthusiastic & encourages me on every step of my journey. My only regret is not starting sooner". Sarah 

"Brilliant. Realistic approach to real-life self-defense working with real people who have their own limitations. As they say- the best form of defense is attack. Fully recommended this style and this instructor. Thank you so much!." Caz

"The workshops are so good and integral. They're a beautiful combination of physical self-defence for women along with emotional self-defence. Very important in these times. Thank you Manny OG 🙏". Nicola

"Amazing. OG Combat Academy is a welcoming group for anyone regardless of abilities. The instructor Manny is patient and guides you through everything you are unsure of. Felt comfortable straight away in a safe setting. I did self-defence class and would highly recommend it". Chloe

What you get

This will be a constantly updated three-module course with lifetime access. It will cover;

Module 1 Mental Prep: This will be in parts and talk about domestic abuse and violence, identifying abusers and their tricks. How to be assertive and create boundaries. It will also talk about mental conditioning to prepare you for violence when it comes. We will also cover self-defence in public space, how to identify predators and also what to do when an attack on you is imminent.

Module 2 Drills: This will teach techniques for self-defence and protection, and how to use violence and quickly end an attack. Learn how to use your fist, your legs, your voice, your appearance, your inner rage, how to stop a rapist, etc. You will also learn the use of weapons for protection and as equalizers against bigger and stronger opponents.

Module 3 Moving Forward: This module will teach you what to do after abuse, what to do after you have successfully ended that violence. Do you plan to stay and face your abuser and don't mind getting bashed over and over, continue the relationship because all feels better, or do you plan to move or run away from such an environment? These topics will be covered in detail.

Each module will have to be completed to prepare you for the next, as this course is a holistic course. They will also cover meditations, stretching, breathing, mental awareness, preparedness and mindfulness, environmental & situational awareness, mind-body conditioning, and conflict/threat management. Evasive maneuvers, offensive and defensive tactics, legal aspects, facing larger attackers, identifying a predator/abuser, primary targets and use of defensive weapons, are also gonna be covered.

To be able to go through these routines I will teach you, you need an open mind to accept the knowledge and patience to progress.

Meet your instructor

Greetings, my name is Manny. I’m the head coach and founder of OG Combat Academy, based in Newcastle UK. I teach and practice traditional south-east martial art known as Silat, you may have seen it in movies like The Raid 1&2 and John Wick3. I am also the creator of Urban Defence Tactics™, a non-traditional and practical approach to self-defence, a reality-based training program for violence and threat to life.

After years in private security seeing women assaulted and hating it, I decided to step up and do something to stop the brutality against women, by putting all my knowledge and experience from martial arts and violence to create this training program for women’s self-defence. I am certain you will find this course highly rewarding & life-saving.

See you shortly.

Thank you.


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  • Lifetime access and constantly updated video library.


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Female Weapon: High-Intensity Women's Self-Defence Course

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